Helicopter Tour Companies

  • Papillon – Actually, it all started with Papillon Helicopters back in 1962.  Halverson had a Bell 47 helicopter like they had on MASH and a government contract to shuttle workers and materials from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the floor.  It wasn’t long before the workers started asking him to take their friends and family on the same ride.  Halverson was a helicopter pioneer leading the way for over a million visitors taking helicopter flights into the Grand Canyon. Maybe we’re partial to Papillon for their contribution to vertical aviation.Today, Papillon has a beautiful fleet of EC-130 helicopters which have been given the recognition of being the safest, quietest, and most eco-friendly  tour helicopters available.  Many of their sensational tours have earned them our #1 recommendation.

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  • Maverick – Equally impressive are the accomplishments of Maverick Helicopters with operations based at south end of the Las Vegas Strip, Henderson NV, and the West Rim.  To date, Maverick has a commanding fleet of over 40 helicopters in operation! They are a first class tour provider from the moment you step into their hotel shuttle vans, to check-in at the terminal (don’t forget to visit the gift shop stocked with all kinds of cool helicopter stuff), to the knowledgeable pilots… well, the whole experience is just wonderful.  You’ll pay a little bit more at Maverick because of their convenient location in Las Vegas and they tell me they have added some features to their helicopters that insure their stellar safety record.

  • Grand Canyon Helicopters – Speaking of parents, Grand Canyon Helicopters is under the watchful eye of Papillon and thus has a long affiliation with superior aircraft and service.  This division is also located on the Las Vegas Strip and caters to their clientele with extras like limousine service and private helicopter upgrades.


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The 5-Star Helicopter experience is truly a red-carpet, pampered, luxury sightseeing tour that specializes in offering a custom, personalized Grand Canyon flight with many extras.  The beauty of flying with a smaller tour company is the flexibility they provide.  We love the fact that in addition to incredible helicopter views of the canyon, 5 Star Helicopters can provide a uniquely tailored experience which can include river trips and our favorite, the Grand Canyon West Hualapai Ranch Overnight Cabin Stay with helicopter and ground tour.  Sensational…

Mustang – Here’s another tip that will save you a little money.  The parent company for Mustang is Maverick Aviation.  Their flights depart from the Henderson  Terminal about 20 minutes from the Strip.  They provide hotel ‘to & from’ luxury shuttles and chances are you will be flying in a Maverick helicopter anyway.  You’ll save about $125 each person by taking the 20 minute bus ride.

  • Sundance- Big things are happening at Sundance Helicopters!  They’ve recently been acquired by Air Med who has pumped a ton of money into brand new equipment and a beautiful new facility just off the Strip.  Sundance has always been a great company but now it’s had a face lift.  All the staff are very friendly and efficient, paying attention to every detail.  I especially like the fact that Sundance always picks you up at your hotel in a slick, ostentatious  limousine.    What the hell, you’re in Vegas baby!

  • Serenity – I laughed a little when I read that Serenity Helicopters defines itself as a ‘Boutique Helicopter Company’ but you know what, it is!  It’s kind of like having a lovely dining experience at your favorite restaurant where attention is paid to every detail.  You will be treated as a special guest of Serenity and can always expect to receive their very best.   Serenity utilizes the agile AStar -350  (4 seat + pilot) helicopters.  Making sure you have the best experience possible, they take great pride in providing an extremely personalized adventure.

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