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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How many people can ride in a helicopter?

A:The EC-130 helicopters seat up to seven passengers, plus a pilot.


Q:Are these "quiet " helicopters?

A:Yes. all the companies that fly to the Grand Canyon are committed to preserving the environment and to protecting its precious natural resources. They educate and share these resources with their customers in an environmentally friendly way. The EC-130 is the quietest helicopter available, equipped with a "Fenestron, " or "fan-in-fan, " tail rotor, which dramatically reduces engine exhaust noise.


Q:How does the EC-130 compare with other helicopters?

A:Passenger comfort, interior space, and engineering have all been raised to state-of-the-art levels. The EC-130 offers 23% more interior space and legroom, forward facing seats, plush upholstery, raised theatre-style platforms for optimum viewing, and the largest cockpit glass for unrestricted viewing.


Q:Do most companies have a fuel surcharge?

A:Yes, however the surcharge is usually included in the price of all tours booked online.


Q:Do you have an overweight surcharge?

A:Yes, anyone weighing over 275lbs will be charged an additional 50% of the base fare.


Q:Do I need a reservation?

A:Yes. We suggest that you book your helicopter tours prior to your arrival in Grand Canyon. This assures you a tour time that best fits your vacation plans.


Q:When is the best time to fly?

A: Most of the time the Grand Canyon has beautiful weather and the time of day will make no difference although the sunset tours offer an extra beautiful experience. Should inclement weather patterns occur, they do not take guests on a flight unless they are reasonably certain that they can give you a great experience.


Q:What should I wear?

A:The helicopters are temperature controlled, so dress comfortably.


Q:What camera lens is best to use on the flight?

A:We recommend a lens of around 35mm. This approximates the field of for the human eye. As the lens becomes progressively wider, the picture will appear further away. Conversely, a telephoto lens narrows the field of view and is not what you want in scenic aerial photography.


Q:How much experience do your pilots have?

A:The helicopter pilots that fly in and out of the canyon are highly experienced, season veterans with exceptional training.


Q:How safe are helicopters?

A: Safety is the number one concern for their customers and employees. They all operate under a certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which means they must adhere to a strict maintenance program.