Why Use the Helicopter Tour Guide?

  • We've done our homework and found some great insider tips that will help you save time, money and have the best experience possible
  • Through the process of elimination, we have narrowed it down to our 3 favorite tours in each category
  • It’s not a cheap thrill so you want to make sure that you are flying with the most reliable, safest, and knowledgeable helicopter tour operator. We know who they are.

  Unless you love helicopters as much as I do, you probably haven't taken the time to research the 150+ tours offered by 8 leading heli tour operators in the Las Vegas / Grand Canyon vicinity.  What I found by interviewing all players is the fact that you have a choice of 1) Air Only, 2) Grand Canyon Landing Packages, 3) The Skywalk Tour, 4) Las Vegas Strip flyover and variations on each one of those.  Really pretty simple.


  With that said, companies are constantly changing their tour prices depending on the seasonal demand and the LV Convention attendance schedule.  Supply and Demand rules!  If I hear about a special being offered like a 10% Discount for Veterans, I try to let my readers know via an email alert.


  By using the Helicopter Tour Guide, you can trust that we’ve done our homework and have selected the best tours available by process of elimination.  You are going to spend a lot of money (worth every penny) and you want to make sure this adventure will live up to your expectations.  I can help direct you to free limousine service to and from the terminal or how to secure a ‘private’ helicopter restricted to you and your party.  There’s a way to obtain a front seat position at no extra charge and so many more little Insider Tips that will ensure a successful experience.




  The Helicopter Tour Guide is also willing to address your concerns and help answer any questions you might have about taking a copter flight.  Some people are a bit nervous about hopping in a big, noisy, crazy, out-of-control machine but let me assure you, nothing could be further from the truth.  Only the state-of-the-art, specially designed tour helicopters are used by these operators.  It’s not an egg beater but a very sophisticated, eco-friendly flying machine designed for safety and comfort.  They all use the EC-130 and AStar-350 helicopters with the exception of a Bell Jet Ranger here and there.  You are also flying with highly trained pilots and strictly regulated industry.


  Most of the pilots are on our Facebook page where we get a pretty good insight into the behind the scenes activities of the business.  These are serious men and women who take great pride in their occupation. 


 Bottom Line – You now have a resource that will help you ‘Know Before You Go’ to insure the greatest trip imaginable.

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